Sunday, December 25, 2005


happy christmas geaks!!!!!!!!!!1

already slortered on champaign and its not even the queenspeech yet! ive been sat hear for hour's now. eating about my millioneth minspie!!!!!!!!!! after throughing up last nights kebab over next doors lorn.

michelles not letting me no where near chantelle right now. my little princess is a few months gone now but meesh is playing the bitch. so ive plowed my bonussess into a kwad bike for chadwell. its brilliant i zipped round my garden in it and i slipped the guy's from harods a few tenors to deliver it to the cows pikey council flat this afternoon. imported some arabyan perfume for chant's and stuffed it in the glove box. thatll show the cow whose the best parent!

no card from mick. solictors still pushing for paternity test's. still blowing my wod on booze and the therrapy.

gaz xxxxxxx

Monday, November 21, 2005


suddenly mathew kellie is all over our T. V. screens. why is it all right for him to be on it but not gary glitter? at least gary done his time and some good tune's. seems the world is up against us gary's. i wouldnt want to be in his gang though. parent's should do a better job of looking afer theyre kid's.

chantelles developeing quite a bump now she remind's me of her mother in her better year's not the frump she is now the frigit cow. spanish police are co-op-erating with the local rozzer's in getting mick tested. i still can't believe what their saying mick and i go back year's so how teh fuck could it be his?even tho the kronie tasted just as ropie after hed changed the barrel.

gazzie x

Thursday, November 03, 2005


sorry i hav'nt been round much things have been just terrable. chantelles doing fine tho im only speaking to that X bitch thru lawyers.

mick the land lord has bought a place in landsarotte. rozzers got in touch asking lot's of questions about how i know him, dose he have a girlfriend, where was he when michelle was out on the bunker, ect, ect.

im not stupid and dont like what they was suggesting about my oldest friend whove i known for over 2 years now. popping out to change the barrel was what he told me and i for one believes him.

keeping the faith man. laters. gaz.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

bad too worse

well chantelles test only went and come back positive ai’nt it. had to sack my caddy course he just says he ai’nt the daddy but chadwell bless him got some of his mate’s round to rough him up a bit. cow michelles got her lawyers saying im unfit to be his father saying im a bad influence just cos i asked him to do it and gives them the little cunts address.

chantelles been crying a lot but shes still my little princess even if she is up the duff but then she just cry’s and cry’s some more. michelle says let her look after things but hows she going to afford it????

mick the landlords disappeared which pissed me off as we was due a round at the weekend. buying a place in the sun says the chairman anyway he wants me to settle my bar bill which mick has’nt bothered me with for month’s.

bit stretch’d and hes upped his rates to 120 an hour!!!!!!!!!!! said in my last seshion with him im letting the stresses get to me again and getting tetchy but i just told him to fuck off thats not what i pay him for.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

humball apologies

sorry i havent bloggged for so long. its been a stress-full few weeks so hes given me medica-tion. keeping a lid on my agrestion so far. glad i helped us get olympicks thoughj.

what happened right was i was putting in all hours gods sends for chadwells birthday. watching the markets form, placing late deals - - you know the sort of thing youv probably sean it on telly.

as if that was'nt enough this other thing happens. chantelles had her first pregnoncy test. on my fucking access weekend so michelle hit's the wall do'nt she. was'nt my fauilt - - while i was getting leg-less with some lad's id just met in the nine-teenth hole my sun of a bithc caddy was getting his leg over with my girl in the bunker of the second. as mick the landlord says she could pass for sixteen anyday which is why he serves her and her mates and the rozzers wouldnt id them which is what i told michelle and the sochial serveces people when they come round my house.

anyway saying this just made a bad sitchuation worse so the bitch went legal on me so its back in the courts and he tells me to take time off work so i get a bit of paper for a month and fuck off to the carribeen.

chadwells taken the chantelle busness to hart he loves his little sister bless-im so extra big present for him this year. thatll show michelle the cow otherwise why would they still want to see me weekends and only stay with her to go school, see there friends, ect?????????


Monday, July 04, 2005

back the bidd

Even though my sychiatrist told me bloggging would be - - - and i quote - - - ' a positive force for you gary " i am sad to say i have felt some nativity. so to those few of you who have emailed calling me stupid or an obnockious twat how come im a successful dealer and your not? heh heh heh

i also reed the papers so how can i be stupid? by reeding the papers this weekend i found out london is biddding for the olympic's in twenty-twelve in a run down shithole bit of east london.

to be blunt we dont stand a fucking chance as i hadnt heard about it. so want to do my bit to help the little poor children of east london (shithole bit). they decide in two days so i want to use my fan's to use their 'positive force" like my sychiatrist said. so rise up and up and up my reeders and get be-hind the bidd. lets together piss off those frog's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not raceist)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

live aid

Once more a long gap between writing sorry. Dont have a go.

Spending a lot of time going between london and paris office, have to get the euro star from waterloo which is where we beat them in the war heh heh. time over there spent in fucking meeting after meeting like they have nevr heard of mobiles and sms. They speak english ok though

Have not called michelle for 2 weeks now (other fish but not the same). almost needed to as i was going to take one of the kids to live aid but could not get tickets after all on e bay but am still trying through other routes. Chantelle would love it as they are her sort of bands and she could boast to all her friends that shed gone especially the poor kids on the estate